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Akasha or Akash (Sanskrit ākāśa आकाश) means space or sky or æther in traditional Indian cosmology. I work in the Akashic Records, which is a Dimensional Sanctuary of Wisdom of All That Is & All That Will Ever Be.

We here on the Earth Dimension are said to exist within the 3D frame work, however many beings are also consciously tapping into many more dimensions than that. In fact we always are on some level known or unknown. The Akashic Records provide infinite opportunities for us to open the dimensional doorways into our own Being and the Cosmic Nature of All that Is.

To become and live from the Infinite Light of of our Soul. To Bridge Heaven to Earth.


 To live in the Akasha way is to connect to the ether, the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities...

When we do this we are met with more of our interdimensional selves- the Soul aspect or Higher Self as it is sometimes called. We merge our understanding from the 3D perspective to that of a much more elevated, expanded and knowing perspective.

We merge with Source, Creator, God, Goddess. 

We come into this world with a knowing of who we are and where we come from, but through the incarnation process we forget. We are birthed into bodies that hold the genetic material from generations of ancestors that informs our personality in many ways. We carry with us through the karmic wheel past life information that must be reconciled in this lifetime for us to absorb and experience all we came to do. We soak up the societal norms of the day- the do's, the don'ts and we are limited in this experience from the absorption of what we think reality is- we absorb the forgetting- the limited experience of existence.

The purity of our Soul comes in with many many gifts, and sometimes this genetic material and past lives seems to overshadow the gifts of our Soul. This is Divine and ok. There are ways that the past life and ancestral information is a continuation of gifts from some other vantage point. 

And then there becomes a pivot point in a person's life where they are able to release all the frame work they were born into and create for themselves a Divine framework from the Soul in which to incarnate in this body. 

This is where I will guide you.

I will help you become aware of the fertile ground (of transformation) you were born into and I will water and tend the seeds of your knowing beneath the layers of forgetting to help you blossom in your Soul Light.

I will help you reach a love you can only dream of...but it requires commitment to be ALL of who you really are.

This work is for the brave, the bold, the daring. 

This work is for beings who will let me hold them and also learn to hold themselves.

This work is for the Dreamers. 

The believers.

The Lovers.

The artists, creators of the world. 

This work is for the rebels.

This work is for the determined, devoted. 

This work is for the Goddesses ready to rise.

This work is for the incarnate God-Kings ready to stand.

This work is for the abused and forgotten ready to remember their wholeness.

This work is for the warriors.

This work is for those who have done the work alone and are ready for Divine Support on a whole new level.

This work is for those willing to LIVE miracles, BE miracles, and emancipate from anything that stands in the way of their Divine Light.

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