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Solace Retreats & Events

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Divine Feminine Invocation 

A three day retreat to awaken the Goddess within

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Three day immersion in this exclusive women’s retreat surrounded by nature- in a private sanctuary

in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.

Experience a profound alignment with your innermost callings and Soul desires.

Clear blocks that have been holding you back from living a life in full vibrancy, full health and full radiance of Being!

Activate a new way of Being for your life- to walk with ease, knowing, confidence and LOVE!

Open & Align with the guidance of your Soul and the Infinite Support of the Universe for Your unique incarnation.

Activate your Soul gifts and your unique Purpose.

Work with a team of women- Sophia and Madilyn who bring in an immense range of gifts to share with you…from massage/body work, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, guided meditation, yoga, spiritual coaching, mediumship, Earth and Star shamanic practices to reiki, healing touch light activations, working with the Angel realm, ascended masters and Star beings, astrology, divination, sound healing, and Master Akashic Records healings.


Retreat Schedule Overview:


Day 1: Clear 

Release self limiting patterns, subconscious beliefs and blocks that hold you back from consciously living your purpose

- Opening Ceremony

- Activation, meditation

- Meeting with Your Spirit Guides

- Tools for the weekend

- Support for the journey ahead


Day 2: Connect Yourself and Explore who You really are 

(connect to your Soul/ Soul guidance, talents, gifts, dreams, and discover your soul purpose)

- Yoga

- Self massage class and essential oil making

- Meditation, activation

- Breathwork

- Cacao Ceremony

- Sound bath and journey with the Cosmic Mother of the Universe

- Dance/ movement


Day 3: Embody

...truth of Your Own Being & Activate a New Alignment within the Goddess energy to live a life in your truth (envisioning living your dreams now- activating within you from the realm of infinite possibilities and setting intentions to maintain deep connection to your purpose

- Yoga

- Meditation

- Vision journey for embodiment

- Closing ceremony

*This is just a brief description of all that will take place*

***More details to follow upon registration. If you have questions please email***



Limited lodging is provided at the retreat location ranging from a community style configuration- private rooms. Think of it as a great Sister Goddess slumber party! If you are traveling with friends and want to share a room with them please indicate that and their name(s) upon registration.

We prefer to have everyone that can stay at the location. This can be an incredibly nourishing and supportive environment to deepen and process the days activities. 

But of course, If you prefer to find lodging outside of the retreat location you are more than welcome to do so.



We have chosen a private location tucked away in nature for this gathering. We are not meeting in a fully functioning retreat location. Again, this is a private location. The seclusion in nature means that catering and dining options are limited. Out of respect for a variety of dietary preferences and keeping the price of the retreat affordable we ask that you bring whatever food you will need for the event each day.

Light snacks and tea are provided.

 An hour and a half lunch will be available for you to prepare and nourish yourself. 

There will be ample refrigerator and freezer space for you to bring whatever you need and store it at the location. You will have access to a stove and microwave to warm the food you've brought each day. 

However if this doesn't work for you to make fresh meals each day- another great option to help you plan for your trip would be to order meals to your door and bring them with you. The price turns out to be cheaper than if you went out to eat and there are many delicious options available. And again the local restaurants generally serve bar fare and are going to be a minimum of 20 minutes from our location. This is a time for you to give to yourself not worry about running around getting food. 

It's best to make a plan so you can just enjoy your experience. 

Here are our top suggestions for a delivery meal service:

Mixed (non vegetarian options)- 

Meals range from $7.99-$18.99 New menus weekly. You can have a subscription or just buy a la carte Free shipping on first order. I love the nutrition info they provide right in the menu so you can see without digging for it if you’re trying to be conscious of macronutrients.


All Vegetarian-

Super fresh looking, organic. Meals start at $5.99- $12.99 Free shipping all the time. 30% off first order. Lots of soups, smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads etc. 


All organic- www.sun

This option has meal kits as well as dinner options. Unlike the above two services, this is just dinner, however I'm shocked how cheap this is!! There is a minimum of four meals per week (however you can cancel anytime-aka order once and be done) 

You can order 4,6,8 or 10 servings per week and the price goes down considerably. 

If you ordered just 6 (one for lunch and dinner for 3 days) it would only cost $5.32 per meal! They have gluten free, soy free, vegetarian options as well as meat options.


Lots of options (paleo, plant based, vegetarian, vegan, whole 30, low carb)-

Same price comparable to the others however you can toggle at the top of the menu bar to select food preferences and how many grams of fat etc. per meal.


Lots of options (keto, vegetarian, veggie, calorie smart)- Factor 75

Flat rate of $12.83/ meal but goes down if you order more.


***We  have recently updated the investment price to reflect a breakdown of lodging details***

The retreat investment is $899 for all in attendance. 

 Lodging at the location is an additional cost to be paid upon arrival at the retreat location.

This ranges from $125-$325/ night depending on the room configuration. Some are shared spaces to fully private master suites with private bath.  

Please contact us to place you in the most desired room available.

If you choose to find lodging yourself that is entirely up to you.

We have several payment options available-

Payment in Full- $899

(this can be via credit card, paypal (paid in full) OR you can select Paypal Afterpay for a payment plan)


Deposit-$500 non refundable (due at the time of registration, with three payments of $133 made before the time of the retreat- this can be check, paypal, or square payment or cash upon arrival but needs to be arranged with The Akasha Way when you register- Just to clarify the deposit schedule- initial payment is made through the website and future payments arranged by emailing

***We want to make this retreat as accessible as possible...if you feel called to attend but are experiencing financial hardship or uncertainty please reach out and we can find a solution or payment schedule that works for you***

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April 1-3


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We look forward to serving you on your path!

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Divine Feminine Invocation
Apr 01, 1:00 PM – Apr 03, 6:00 PM
Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, USA

"When women gather, miracles happen. The ripple effect is felt throughout the world…in our families and extends far beyond what we can imagine."