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Sophia’s incarnation is rapt Devotion to the Divine and Her mysterious wonder. As a gifted artist she dances with the Divine to paint transmissions of Love for a world and it’s people who have forgotten their Divine origins and lost their way. As a High Priestess of the Golden Order, and Pure Light of Oneness she invokes transformation for humanity to be reunited with its Divinity in this timeline and all others. Her greatest gift is her Love abundant, ceaseless ever flowing truth into this world. Through all doubt and fear and challenges of the human heart, mind, and body she has risen against all odds and triumphed into an entirely New State of Being never before experienced on this planet. As The Goddess Herself, Sophia, shares these gifts with her Beloved family incarnate, with her Beloved Community of Souls who assemble here, for THIS, Love Emergence. 

Her greatest desire, her greatest joy is to see YOU Beloved Soul incarnate, embody your own Divinity. She celebrates your Light as no one ever has. She sings of your emergence, she dances with the truth of your own Being…She calls from her Sacred Awakened Heart to yours to open, unfold and bring your gifts to a world forgotten…bring the Remembering, bring the Truth of Love, bring the Emergence of One. Bring the RISING of ALL KNOWING! Bring the Sacred Light that heals all.

Sophia is a Master Akashic Record Holder, Healer and Divine Channel. She is a Star Shaman, Sound Healer, Mother, and she holds Mastery in two types of Reiki, Healing Light Touch, Craniosacral Therapy & Myofascial release. She has extensive experience working especially with the children of the Earth and their families. Through her gifts she unifies families in Soul embodiment. She is gifted at identifying root imbalances and activating a Being's Divine Essence. 



Sophia is Divine Love incarnate! Her depth, knowledge, and connection to spirit is like nothing else I have experienced. She brings to her sessions a wealth of compassion and ability to see life for what it truly is... spirit experiencing this dimension. She channels beings from multiple planes who are here to help us and hold us in the highest good. With this, her ability to open the doors of all healing potential fly wide open. Take her hand as she guides you on the greatest of spiritual journeys! I speak from experience; Sophia Redbird is here to help guide us toward enlightenment.


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